Our Work

NCBIWA’s purpose is to:
  • Educate our members on the importance of beach nourishment and renourishment for a healthy, sustainable and resilient coastline
  • Inform elected officials and the public through our conferences and publications on the economic value of our beaches and coastal communities
  • Advocate on behalf of our members on the Local, State and Federal levels to promote funding for coastal infrastructure including beach renourishment and storm damage mitigation
  • Encourage the use of science and technology to advance coastal research by governmental and non-governmental organizations
  • Promote the routine maintenance of federal navigation channels, including the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway, and the proper best use of coastal sediment.
NCBIWA has been successful in:
  • Collaborating with Local, State and Federal agencies to promote effective coastal management practices
  • Revamping a number of coastal rules and requiring others to be reviewed while streamlining the permit process
  • Restructuring the Coastal Resource Commission
  • Advocating for fairness in coastal insurance rates
  • Creating the Shallow Draft Inlet Fund
  • Working with N.C. Legislators in establishing a Coastal Storm Damage Mitigation Fund
  • Maintaining federal funding for approved federal beach renourishment projects.