NC General Assembly 2019 Coastal Caucus 
NCBIWA along with coastal legislators have put together a Legislative Coastal Caucus to share information regarding coastal issues.  Members of the Caucus include: 
Senate Members:

Senator Norm Sanderson, Chairperson
Senator Bill Rabon
Senator Bob Steinburg
Senator Harry Brown
Senator Harper Peterson 
House Members:
Representative Pat McElraft, Chairperson
Representative Frank Iler
Representative Bobby Hanig
Representative Ted Davis
Representative Deb Butler
Representative Holly Grange
Representative George Cleveland
Representative Phil Shepard
Representative Carson Smith

Coastal Storm Damage Mitigation Fund Established. 
See Section 6 of House Bill 56 for detailed information regarding the Fund.

NCBIWA is pleased with the establishment of the Fund, however, the upcoming challenge will be to get the Fund financially supported.  Identifying potential revenue sources for the Fund as well as cost share options will certainly be challenging but with the adoption of the 2016 Beach, Inlet and Management Plan (BIMP) we believe there are several available options and sources we can examine.

NCBIWA will continue to work with the general assembly as well as state agencies and local governments to come up with ideas and options for funding.

We want to thank our coastal legislators for all their hard work in getting this bill passed as well as the local towns and counties who fought hard for the establishment of the Fund.

NCBIWA is also working with the American Shore and Beach Preservation Association (ASBPA) advocating for coastal infrastructure funding in Congress.  We hope Congress will realize the importance of financially supporting natural coastal infrastructure (beaches, dunes and wetlands) as well as efforts to improve coastal resiliency.

We want to thank you for your support as we continue to fight for the NC coast!
NCBIWA Chairman  James R. Leutze and Derek Brockbank, Executive Director of American Shore & Beach Preservation Association post editorial in Star News aimed at the 2016 presidential candidates and where they stand on how each would invest in natural coastal infrastructure that protects coastal communities from hurricanes, storms and sea level rise.

What is the Water Resources Development Act of 2016 (WRDA)

WRDA 2016 authorizes 25 critical Army Corps projects in 17 states which includes North Carolina. The bill invests in Ports and Inland Waterways to improve commerce, improves flood protection, promotes public access for recreation, restores ecosystems and promotes innovative technologies to address water resources challenges.

NCBIWA supports the Town of Emerald Isle
and the public's right to access NC beaches.