State Issues

NCBIWA 2021-2022 State Legislative Goals

Support legislation funding the state Coastal Storm Damage Mitigation Fund (CSDMF). House Bill 372 (Senate Bill 354) establishes a dedicated (recurring) funding source for the CSDMF from real estate deed excise tax proceeds. The monies would help local governments pay for beach renourishment and restoration projects.

Support House Bill 500: Establishes a “Disaster Relief and Mitigation Fund” in the Department of Public Safety. The bill appropriates $30,000,000 from the General Fund to the Department of Environmental Quality to be allocated to the Coastal Storm Damage Mitigation Fund.

Support House Bill 161: Addresses abandoned and derelict vessels in all waters in the state. The bill establishes a “Waterway Safety and Access Fund” as a special fund administered by the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission.

Support Senate Bill 279: Allows a municipality to “make, adopt, and enforce ordinances for the navigable waters within its municipal limits as they presently exist and as the municipal limits may be extended by law in the future and within its extraterritorial jurisdiction.”

Support House Bill 735: Provides that a minimum of three competitive bids shall not be required for contracts for dredging services in the state’s coastal waters to allow for the completion of dredging projects in a more timely and cost efficient manner.